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Starting and growing a business is both daunting and rewarding, and you want the leadership and confidence of a trusted and seasoned partner to hold your hand during every step of your unique journey. Infocept is a business growth advisory company that works with you to help grow your business and stay ahead of the competition. We passionately believe that the balance of the right people, processes and innovative technologies in your business or institution are essential to increasing revenue, managing costs and ensuring mission success. No matter how small or large your business is, we can help define your strategy, integrate industry best practices and assist with process definition, organization design, enabling technology and project management.

With our extensive industry and consulting experience with Fortune 50 companies, we can partner with you to rapidly assess, design and implement the right journey to make your business thrive! Our credentials, professional affiliations and work experiences in consumer-facing, operational management and supply chain systems & best practices span a variety of municipal government, manufacturing, retail, managed-services industries and non-profit institutions. We have experience in strategy definition, business / digital transformation, information technology, change management and large project management. Our clients have included such noted agencies, companies and institutions as the City of New York Office of Management & Budget, GE, Lockheed Martin, KPMG, Panasonic, Lehigh Cement, World Airways, Canam Steel, JE Morgan Mills, ARCO Chemical, Allen Organ, Philadelphia Gear, Aramark Corporation and most recently, the American Bible Society and others.

Our competitive difference blends our customer-first core values and proven track record including:

  • Our breadth and depth of business, technology and implementation experience
  • Our insights into best practices, markets and industries
  • Our balanced approach to the innovative people, process and technology aspects of sustainable growth
  • Our responsiveness and agility in both finding and deploying solutions that best fit your unique business
  • Our passion to see others succeed as reflected in our ongoing Customer-for-Life mentoring program

Our services focus on the unique and impactful ideas that can unlock the unrealized potential in your business in a responsible and sustainable way. Whether on a project-by-project or retained-services basis, we provide:

  • A structured process for business assessment, strategy definition and project priorities based on your business goals, our market and industry insights and relevant best practices
  • Affordable and comprehensive retained-basis augmentation services through our Pathways-to-GrowTM Program
  • Solution design and plans for effective organization, process and technology implementations
  • Affordable and comprehensive interim CIO / CTO augmentation services through our CIO-to-GrowTM Program
  • Effective project management techniques, training and feedback to ensure your success
  • Affordable and comprehensive interim Project Management augmentation services through our ProjectDoctorTM Program


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