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** Infocept Insights **

Insights represent contemporary and innovative articles, points-of-view and posts regarding key technology and business management topics.


  Digital Transformation: Rocket Fuel for Competitive Advantage

Moments of Inspiration: The journey of Digital Transformation involves more than just technology and is driven by much more than just cost-cutting and productivity. In this article sub-titled 'Moments of Inspiration' we talk about some of the sparks that can motivate and launch your Digital Transformation journey - and potentially transform your entire business!

 Digital Transformation: Awakenings

Awakenings: Successful Digital Transformation projects require that you look at your market, customers, people, suppliers and organization structure in a completely different way - and with an entirely different point of view - and then apply key measures to see what success could look like as you inject the applicable technology and processes into the business.

  Digital Transformation: Planning & Mobilization

Successful Digital Transformation initiatives require more than innovative technology and solid project management techniques are essential for both planning and deployment. This insight provides some guidance on how to consider and utilize successful project management elements.

** Project Management Leadership Development Series **

Our Project Management courses are typically 4 hours long and are scheduled upon request. Below are FAQ's and case-studies about Project Management. Feel free to visit our Project Clinic and Project Psychology areas for some free advice, or if you already have a project emergency on your hands, visit the Trauma Center.  

  Project Clinic

Projects typically have four phases: Project Definition, Project Planning, Project Management & Control and Project Closure. We've organized topics around those phases and we also have a separate section called Diagnostics. This will give you helpful tips on measuring the health of your project.

 Project Trauma Center

If you already know that you have a project in trouble or a mess on your hands, the Trauma Center is your likely first stop on our site. Click on the link above and we will tell you what your immediate actions should be as well as some preventative measures you can take in the future.

  Project Psychology

Want to understand the emotional, interpersonal, political and other human factors affecting project success? Check out these typical scenarios.


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