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Infocept Systems, Inc. is a professional advisory services and consulting company focused on the people, process and technology components of sustainable business growth. Our credentials and work experiences span a variety of municipal government, manufacturing, consulting, retail and managed-services entities. We also have over 40-years experience in information technology and large project management within those industries. Our clients have included such noted agencies and companies such as the City of New York Office of Management & Budget, GE, Lockheed Martin, KPMG, Panasonic, Lehigh Cement, World Airways, Canam Steel, JE Morgan Mills, ARCO Chemical, Allen Organ, Philadelphia Gear, Aramark Corporation and most recently - The American Bible Society.

We are a member of the Central Bucks (PA) Chamber of Commerce where we are Program Coodinator for the Entrepreneurial Advisory Program. We participate on Industry Advisory and Technology Boards at Penn State, University of Delaware and Delaware Valley University and are involved in several small business incubation, entrepreneurial and business innovation efforts in the region.

Our advisory services are centered around the all the components of sustainable growth that make your business run efficiently and effectively, provide better market presence and growth opportunities, and keep you ahead of your competition:

  • Business growth advisory and consulting services
  • Technology solutions that enable productivity and growth
  • Project management solutions to implement and sustain growth programs
  • Thought leadership and insights into best practices and growth-related opportunities


For more information contact us at: dlboffa@infocept.net

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